Married couple in Liverpool looking for an AI donor

by ProMarry » 16 Sep 2018


We're a married lesbian couple looking for one of you fantastic humans who donate your sperm to help people like us complete our family.

We have had a donor until recently, however he was a distance away from us and unfortunately it became an issue as we sometimes need a donation with relatively short notice (usually a couple of days) and it wasn't consistently possible.

This time round we're looking for someone closer to home for a bit more consistency. We're looking for someone reliable, honest, trustworthy and generally a good guy. Our preference would be blue eyes, but we are more interested in genuine personality traits than looks.

We are looking for AI only, ordinarily in our own home - we are, of course, happy to pay any travel costs. We aren't looking for the donor to have any contact with the baby once born, but would be grateful if you are able to consider donating again for siblings in the future.

I think that's everything...other than we appreciate what an amazing thing donors do, so thank you to you all for giving us hope :)

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