male sperm donor in derby area.

by absabs » 28 Apr 2012

I am a male wishing to donate sperm to singles and couples. I am white 34 years old in very good health with no family history of illnesses. 5'9"tall of muscular build. i have perfect eyesight. Have have children of my own so i am not looking to co parent. I have been through ivf before due to my ex parnther not being able to have children so know it is very hard to handle and expensive so want to help some well deserved people out.

by adelle » 29 Apr 2012

Hi thanks for your message can't read it as yet but we will get back to you as soon as possible. Kind regards adelle and sarah

by absabs » 04 May 2012

Hi adelle. Are you going to be a member as sent you an email about donating for you.


by adelle » 04 May 2012

Did you receive my last post? Adelle

by sad_k8 » 04 May 2012

Hello, firstly what a fantastic thing to do. Secondly- PLEASE HELP lol, we are desperately seeking a donor, will travel wherever, we would love it if you could help us :)

by absabs » 14 Sep 2012

Hello all.

I will be donating again shortly about november december time so hopefully can make so contact ready for then.


by absabs » 02 Feb 2013

Hello. I have started donating again if anyone wants donor around the East Midlands area.

by babyfac » 15 Jul 2013

hi dave would you help me out please after a sperm donner or co parent

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