Male seeking Female

by JJose » 24 Jan 2018

42 year old male looking for female to co-parent and raise a child together. White male british. Meet someone who is willing and wanting to raise a child.
New to all this. Don’t have paid membership. Not sure if able to get messages

by Holly34f » 31 Jan 2018

I'm 34 white female in southeast, also seriously looking into this bit very much on a friendship basis with an actual co-parenting father who is committed wants to be involved and will always put the child first.

I'm so not a paid member yet as I'm not entirely sold on this being a really viable possibility. Obviously raising a child going to need to meet people, get on well.enough to be tied to them for 18 years and realistically rest of lives. be nearby or one person willing to move.

So no we can't read or send messages as unpaid members but we can look for advice and chat about viability and talk to people hopefully who are doing it and it's working... And subscribe when convinced to seriously make the plunge.
Well that's my plan anyway. I'm not bringing a child into this world without knowing I can do it the best way I can think of.

Holly x

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