Male seeking a Female CoParent. (Greater London)

by Writer30 » 01 Aug 2017

Basically, I'm seeking a woman, a white British woman to have my first child with.

I am single and I'm doing alright for myself.

I want to be there in the child's life and help the Mother in any way I can to the best of my ability.

That includes during the whole 9 months and thereafter.

I want to also become very good friends with the Mother-to-be...Or as lovers, if we get on well, but good friends to start with.

The main purpose of me paying to be a member of this site is to get in contact with a woman who seeks her first baby, as it's my first child as well.

I'm 30-years-old. My first nephew was born in May 2017. And it made me realise how short life is.

And not only me being single and lonely; I'm tapping on now, and I feel that I want to create a dynasty with a woman, so to speak.

I'm willing to go undertake any medical tests to reassure and prove to the woman that I'm fit and that I'm capable of producing a baby.

I have to be really honest now; Everyone has standards/limits, regardless who they are or what they seek, and because my profile is limited to text, I have to state here and now what kind of lady I would like to create life with.

I'm seeking a woman:

1) White, British (A must!)
2) Aged 23 - 45 (19-22 is fine, but they have to be stable)
3) Have her own home (I live on my own and so should she)
4) Have a career (I have my own ambitions and career and I'll respect her more if she has hers)
5) Has NO children! (I will NOT waste my time with women who already have children)
6) Is NOT single! (I can't have a child with a woman who's with another man/woman)
7) Has her own Money! (I have my own Money and I would NEVER seek Money from her at any time or after the baby is born)
8) She has to be caring, nurturing, open-minded, honest, direct and serious about wanting a baby with me.
9) Anything I think off I'll add on the list.

Now upon reading this, one might think I'm up my own ass; I'm not.

I'm simply being realistic! As would any other man/woman/couple who seek their own potential co-parent.

And that's it really; please feel free to message me, remember you have to be a premium member to read and send messages; it was something I have to pay out for, it's a con, but it's a necessary.

Any woman who doesn't meet my criteria stated above and who becomes a pest will be blocked!

I hope to hear from a woman who's impressed with my advert and profile.

Please don't hesitate in contacting me.

I am honest and I am kind in reply and I expect the same in return.

Thank you and good luck to us all on this site! :)

by Tas123 » 20 Oct 2017


Are you still looking for a female co-parent? I tried to message you but you didn't exist.


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