Male looking for female to co parent

by neham1 » 30 Mar 2016

Hi, I'm Paul I have always wanted kids and tried to find the right person to settle and have some with. Unfortunately I seem to pick trouble makers and due to past experiences aren't very good at relationships. I'm 5.11 brown hair and blue eyes I consider myself very good around kids and and eager to become a father buy any methods nessesery I'm a clean healthy guy and Sti or medical proof can be provided if requested.

by shari24 » 15 Apr 2016

I'm interested :)

by Mumsy86 » 21 Apr 2016

Hi, I'm interested. Where are you based?

by coral98 » 07 Jun 2016

hi, I live locally so if your still looking I would be happy to talk.

by Desperat » 23 Jun 2016

Hey, the same thing basically has happened to me
I would love a child and willing to travel if necessary. I'm 24 years old

by RavenB » 24 Jun 2016

Hi Paul,
Was wondering if you have managed to meet up with
Any of these ladies or if you're quest continues?

by carol70 » 09 Jul 2016

Please, Get in touch with me. Thanks!

by Jenjent » 05 Aug 2016

Hiya, are you still looking? I think we may be able to help each other out, if you like to message me back and we can chat further. I am mum already to an amazing 4 year old and want nothing more than to add to my little family.

by suey81 » 07 Sep 2016

Hi am also willing to co parent if you are still looking.

by misstee » 17 Sep 2016

im interesed

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