Male looking for a female to co-parent with in Essex

by dave609 » 19 Nov 2014

Hi, I'm David. I have always wanted kids and tried to find the right person to settle and have some with. Unfortunately I seem to pick trouble makers and due to past experiences aren't very good at relationships. I will admit I was a sperm donor and have helped a couple of people now I want to have my own, so here I am. I live in Loughton, Essex. I am a kind, caring person who wears their heart on their sleeve. I am 5 ft 10, have brown hair, brown eyes and am eager to become a dad. Some of my friends have kids who adore me and love it when I visit.
I am a kind person who wears their heart on their sleeve.
I am happy to use any method the other person wishes to use i.e. AI. etc.
Please feel free to message me and ask me anything.

by Kelliebc » 22 Feb 2016

Hi. Are you still looking?


by browny » 26 Feb 2016

Have you found someone yet? If not, I'm keen.
Have a look at my profile and let me know .

by Mixchild » 26 Mar 2016

Are you still looking?

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