Male donor wanted

by Bbw » 16 Jul 2018

We are a happy couple of 8years.with no luck getting me and my hubby are looking for a white guy to try and help out.iam a bbw size sex ect so looking for natural way ..happy to have sex as many times as will follow on profile ..x

by Smudgelj » 22 Jul 2018

Hi are you still looking for slerm donation

by RasDonat » 24 Jul 2018

Im a donor just starting out. Please feel free to be in touch ill be happy to assist a couple with this matter.

by Pug6530 » 31 Jul 2018


Where are you based? Would be interested in helping if you are close enough to Dorset

by Pansperm » 05 Aug 2018

by Jmcaul18 » 21 Aug 2018

Hi there

I'm a 27 year old professional and would be proud to help you start a familiy.

Are you still looking?

by Josh2308 » 25 Aug 2018

Im a sperm donor with proven test results i am happy help anyone trying have a baby i just wont help someone to make the dream reality just inbox me if interested

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