Male co-parent in Surrey...wanting to be a dad!!

by Spurs82 » 20 Jun 2017

Hey, I'm Chris 35 years old. Single, happy, funny and sporty guy - looking for a potential female co-parent who would love to work together to raise a happy child together. I'm fit, healthy, have a great job and very well educated! I work with kids - but would love to look after my own now.

Drop me a line if interested :-)

Chris xx

by sarahjhh » 24 Jun 2017

hi im interested

by pesky » 02 Jul 2017

Hi, I'm interested

by Jessica4 » 29 Jul 2017

Hi! I'm potentially interested..:)

by Paulina8 » 27 Aug 2017

Have you found what you're looking for or you still keep searching? If so drop me a line and we can discuss that further!
Thank you!

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