Making my dream a reality-can you help?

by hay1234 » 18 Sep 2013

Hello , I am a pretty, genuine but not naive. I am healthy, straight single 35 year old female, sensitive, caring , kind and have a dream to nurture and care for a child/children, looking to co -parent a straight male, someone who is likeminded and who we can be great friends and able to discuss things rationally. I am tentative, and not taking this lightly, first time on this site, want Artifical Semination.

I am ready to take on this adventure, but, need help to get the correct co-parent.

I have a six month nephew whom I adore and my biological clock is sounding more like thunder!

I want someone who is keen to play an active part in raising a child and would take responsibility ,although I would be the principal care giver. I am searching for a near perfect co-parent - someone who is at least degree level educated, financially independent and emotionally mature, ideally sharing a similar Christian and who has a supportive network of friends and family who are all for the co-parent idea.

I would like someone open to discuss any questions that arise,

Hayley x :D

by salsa53 » 13 Oct 2013

Hi Hayley , just wondering if ur local to me ? , regards Russ

by ttpaul » 14 Jan 2014

Hi would love to help u ?

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