Looking to donate to preferably Couples but all welcome.

by SamBSam » 18 Oct 2014

Hello :)

I’m Samuel and I am a very Polite and Caring young Man, one of my dreams is to become a Father, but not only that, I would love to help people fulfill their dreams too.

I am also very inspirational, and always look at the Positive outlook on life. I studied Health and Social Care, Religion, Culture and Healthy Eating and earned a Bachelors Degree. I am currently looking into training as a Nurse.

I do find that my studies have helped me understand people from a wide range of backgrounds and to respect the Cultural differences of People.

I take great pleasure in helping people. I use my abilities and knowledge to help people move forward and learn. I would love to help people feel complete.

My hobbies are watching Documentaries on Culture, specifically Japan since I have an extreme interest in both Modern and Ancient Japan. I am also currently learning Dutch! I find learning a second language to be very pleasing and the culture of The Netherlands is wonderful to study!

If you would like any more information about me, please get in touch and leave me a message! :)

I am 20, White British male from an Irish family.

Would love to co-parent with a loving woman as well!

by Coleen8 » 09 Nov 2014


I've read your profile and I think we'd be a great match. Plz message me for more details.

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