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by Ant10 » 27 Jun 2012

Hi there, im a 32 y.o. professional male. I have dark hair and green eyes, i am part irish and Greek.
I am considered good looking, i'm athletic and take care of myself. I have university degrees and do pretty well financially. I would consider myself pretty trendy in that i like fashion, good music, and eating (i am greek after all).

A recent event has made me want to become a father like nothing else . I fathered a child who is 11 m.o. now, he is the most beautiful precious thing in my life, however me and his mother split up and i'm not allowed to play a part in his upbringing. My child has a very good nature, blue eyes and blond hair, i definitely produce beautiful children ;)

I don't want another relationship for a long time, but i want to be a young dad (actually be a dad this time). The only option i can think of is to find someone who wants to share parenting, go through the experience together and allow me to give my son/daughter the best.

im based in the south of the UK near Windsor. Get in touch if you want to talk more.

by Jens01 » 01 Jul 2012


I would love to have a baby and your post seems to fit exactly what i am looking for. I am a professional teacher and I have my own house. Ive had a couple of long term relationships but have been single for a while now and haven't met that special person but i want to have a child before i am too old.

Maybe we could chat? my email is ********@hotmail.com


Jenny x

by Jens01 » 01 Jul 2012

Hi maybe you could contact me on this site and we could chat?


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