Looking to be a single dad

by bfolar » 10 Aug 2017

Hi there.

Well, what can I say? I am an intelligent, well travelled, multilingual art loving guy who is keen to start a family and give back to the world.

As much as I would love to say that I can wait for the right one, I know that time is ticking and I am keen to be a father before I turn 41 (currently 38).

I have a strong network of friends and family who are aware of my plans and each and everyone of them has given me their support and that has only encouraged me more to look forward to the day when I can have a kid of my own who would want for nothing and have a lot of love.

I'm financially stable and my work pattern allows me to meet the needs of a child and my employers are also aware of my plans and pledged their support.

Would anyone help me fulfil my goal?

If you are interest, let me know :)

Many thanks.

by Paulina8 » 27 Aug 2017

I'm interested to get involved in coparenting with you, if you're still on the same wave just get in touch with me. Thank you!

by Porsh » 31 Aug 2017


Just wondering if you still wanted to co parent. If so please have a look at my profile and let me know if you'd be interested.

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