Looking Looking Looking!!!

by Pitrpa » 13 Sep 2017

Hi to any ladies looking to begin some wonderful journey with me...

I hope you see that I'm sincere, and why not!!! Have intentions know, with all cards faceup on the table!

Maybe we can meet a few times, and go from there? Not dates of course! Love was just a wild goose chase for me during my life up to now.

But if two people really want something, need a family? Well, I want this, and want to create something special with a lovely likeminded lady! Co=parenting will be ideal, no pressure about mutual love for each other, only that for our lovely child. And who needs the demands of love!!! Our love will be for our child, and we will have unconditional respect. I would worship the ground that my co-parent would walk on anyway!!! Imagine, a lady carrying your child to full term? It must be the most beautiful thing a lady can do for any man....

Well this is my dream...
I pray it comes true, and we both wakeup to the PitrPatr of little feet, our very only little family xxx


I'm Irish, and 43 in October... single and never been married or with kids....

Get in touch with me, and lets meet and at the very least be friends)))

Talking is always good for the soul...

by AnnaDon » 02 Jan 2018

Hello dear, are you still looking? I am white female lawyer based in London. It would be wonderful discuss everything further.

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