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by Ceres » 17 Aug 2012

hi all,

I'm new to the board and relatively new to the idea of co-parenting.

Since there are debates over how much personality is genetically predetermined, I'll treat this a bit like a personal ad and toss my bio out there.

I'm 39, have pale skin/dark hair/brown eyes. Liberal, well-educated (two master's and currently in a PhD program for a liberal arts field), listen to NPR and watch more PBS than I should probably admit. A little bit of a pop culture junkie -- favorites are Sherlock, Supernatural, Firefly/Serenity, and so forth. Love classic rock, classical, oldies, swing, etc. Insatiable intellectual curiosity, love to read, soft-hearted, quiet, a strong believer in compassion and manners. I'm an old soul, but I still get a child-like excitement about new ideas, places, and projects.

I volunteer delivering library to the home-bound and transporting animals to shelters. I'm not willing to settle for a love short of what my grandparents had, but I want to be a mom. Currently teaching American History at a local college and am fortunate enough to do 99% of my work from home. I have two dogs, both lab mixes and both rescues. I have an amazing family and support system.

As I mentioned in my profile, I'd love to find someone in Canada or Great Britain so my child(ren) can have dual-citizenship. This whole idea of co-parenting is new to me, although I've been looking into options for having children on my own for a while now. I don't have a paid account yet so please talk to me a bit here if you're interested.

Best of luck to all of you!


by cj1980 » 18 Aug 2012

Hi, Im 32 yo male from Britain. very interested in co-parenting - just thought before I make an offer (sounds like the mafia that!) or get to deeply into talking - The burning question for me is how do you see the fathers role playing out if you co-parent with someone from Britain with regards to visitation, contact etc.

by ritchar » 25 Mar 2013


I am also interested in co-parenting. I live in south carolina and i am a 35 year old male, dark hair brown eyes, athletic fit, i am originally from Morocco, i speak 3 languages. I am married and my wife has a child but is not able to have any more children. I want so much to be a dad i come from a very large family. I am also in excellent health. i have a home and work full time. I would like visitation and to be involved in the child's life. I love children and enjoy all my many nieces and nephews. I hope you can help me make my dream of becoming a dad real for me. ***@yahoo.com

Thanks so much,

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