Looking for women to co-parent match from sheffield

by kev32 » 24 Jan 2013

Hi all

im looking to be a father so would like to co-parent with some one

im one of the nice men out there most people will say that im so sweet and nice personality

im 34yr tall dark brown hair,slim from sheffield
I'm in full time work and financially stable and I'm ok about traveling

all my sisters have kids but i dont :O(

im a great uncle to them

n.i only

hope some one can help

kev x

by ktsho » 07 Feb 2013

HI Kev, I am dipping my toe in the water as I would love to have a child. If you are on FB which I am as I have friends across the globe we could get to know each other there as it would give you a good taste of the kind of person I am.

I am a very successful person who has worked hard and I am very ready to have a child. Soon!

What do you think?

by kev32 » 11 Feb 2013

hi there i just email u and can talk more soon

by Lourdes » 22 Feb 2013

Hi Kev,
I perfectly understand you. Being an aunt is far away than being a mother. To be honest, since a long time I feel prepared to have a child but not in a "traditional" way. I do not like to force relationships or situations with men that are not interested in having a baby.
Anyway, we live a bit far from each other. I lived for a short time in England. Now, I have permanent residence in Buenos Aires a good job and in my free time I play music.
I would like to talk to you to share feelings or desires.
Hope to hear from you soon
Warm regards

by ivonna » 14 Mar 2013

hello Kev.
i just upgraded my membership so i read and send messages.
i am looking for someone who ideally would be involved in raising the child. however i am financially stable and dont expect maintenance etc.But it`s important to have a donor who doesnt mind to be KNOWN.
I signed up here only 2 days ago and to be honest, i dont know how much i could trust other members yet.
When it comes to natural insemination with donor UNKNOWN, it doesnt make much difference from one night stand with someone i already know.
I hope to find someone who ideally has a genuine desire to have a child. Obviously i will condsider AI at home first and if not successful, will go further with clinically assisted methods.


by kev32 » 19 Mar 2013

Just email u talk soon

by heidi22 » 24 Mar 2013

i am new to this but i am desperate for a child.
I feel i am emotionally stable enough to be a single parent but would prefer a co parent rather taht a sperm donor.

i am waiting for my profile to update to full membership, please message me

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