Looking for sperm donor North West

by LucyG » 05 Feb 2016

Any AI only donors in the NW? I would like a donor in April, please get in touch if you can help. Proof of STI/HIV tests please. I'm 35 years old, single and a lesbian, I would like some help from a kind man to become a mother before it's too late. I would like a black/mixed race donor ideally but I don't mind if you aren't. Thank you :)

by Tely100 » 06 Feb 2016

inbox me

by addy79 » 14 Feb 2016

hi i would love to help you. if intrested contact me

by darksed1 » 23 Feb 2016

happy to assist

by newdawn » 22 Apr 2016

Hey give me a message if still interested. I am in Manchester

by Maplefor » 29 Apr 2016

Hi i am a sperm donor with a doctors letter to confirm that i am free of all STIs i have a very high sperm count and would like to help you will it be NI PI or AI

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