Looking for sperm donor in north-east of Ireland (Republic)

by LillyMar » 01 Jan 2019

Hi, I am looking for a sperm donor in the north-east of the Republic of Ireland (Dundalk, Drogheda, Dublin, even Newry or Belfast area or there abouts) . Must be discreet, dark hair and dark eyes. AI or NI, . Over the three to four fertile days of my cycle. I'm 170cm tall and 63kg in weight, so very healthy. I had my yearly health check, which includes bloods in October and can supply proof of health if required. I eat a very healthy diet, lean meats, lots of veg and fruits plus water and a pint of milk every day and take folic acid 5mg.
I am looking for a donor only as my partner will be the child's father.
I hope to hear from someone out there who wants to help out a couple in need. My "plumbing" is all in perfect working order, but sadly my partner has such low sperm count and quality that after years of trying nothing worked... And after a visit to the rotunda we knew why...
I will check and reply to any and all answers I get to this post.

by munster » 02 Jan 2019

Hi I be willing to help u out if u want i am fit single non smoker drinker athletic build will do air or no discreet older regards

by munster » 02 Jan 2019

Hi sent a reply dont know if it went through or not you are very healthy i help you if you want best of luck

by Nobby » 02 Jan 2019

I live in London but spend a lot of time in Ireland. I would be happy to help you and your partner conceive.

by Kya17y » 04 Jan 2019

Hi I'm 39 really strong sperm would love to help

by Mikema » 06 Jan 2019

Would be interested in discussing further with you Lilly.

by Andrew40 » 07 Jan 2019

I would love to help you to fulfill your happiness from motherhood

by Stricks1 » 21 Jun 2019

If you still need a donor I'd be happy to help you out

by Dario121 » 22 Jun 2019

Hi, I am 21 and live in Dublin. I am caucasian with dark hair and brown eyes. Look at my profile for more info

by Bonnie19 » 08 Nov 2019

Hi would love your help xx

by always » 11 Nov 2019

hi lilly,are you still looking and intreasted. noel.

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