Looking for sperm donor in north east for end of this year

by Mammy1 » 14 Jul 2012

Hello, I am a straight single 28 year old lady looking for a sperm donor with minimal / no contact, I am happy to give updates, photos etc but I want to bring the baby up on my own without any financial help. I already have a 3 year old son from my previous marriage which unfortunately broke down but I am still longing for more children. He / she would be very much loved and make my life complete. I have a great family network and am financially stable.
I'm looking for a White sperm donor, around 5"8 - 6"4, healthy and in the north east area though I would be willing to travel. I require fertility medication to ovulate which works better if you are below a particular weight hence the 6 months delay!
Any possible sperm donors please contact me!
You could make my dreams come true!

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