Looking for sperm doner

by Webb90 » 22 Jun 2020

Hello male. I'm try looking for sperm doner for myself with my pantner as we want children so we don't want any1 involed but looking for sperm doner I hope one of you more happy to help. Thnaks you :)

by Plym351 » 26 Jun 2020

What area are you in?

by John315r » 27 Jun 2020

I'd be happy to help you if you are local ish to Burnley area

by Nat93 » 09 Jul 2020

Hi I'm looking for a artificial insemination dona for my and my partner were a same sex couple me and my mrs would love a child together willing to travel .if sucessfull. We would no contact after baby is born look forward to hearing from you

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