Looking for sperm donation within london

by Shay1234 » 28 Aug 2016

I am looking for someone to donate sperm via NI or AI. I am ideally looking for someone within London.

I would love to be a mother and if you would like to help me please get in touch.

by wimbles » 29 Aug 2016

Hi Shae,

I am a well-educated white male.
Get in touch to discuss what you are looking for further.


by Kay770 » 30 Aug 2016

I'm willing to help you
Please get in touch even if you have found a donor

by gentmike » 10 Sep 2016

Hi, i'm interested an available. Do get in touch if you're still looking so we can discuss it further.

by blueeyedoz » 11 Sep 2016

if you are still looking, also interested


by gentmike » 12 Sep 2016

Hey! Would love to discuss this further and help you achieve your goal! Do get in touch! Mikhael

by Dandan » 03 Oct 2016

Hi I am in London my self
Not looking for contact with a child but am happy to be a donor

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