Looking for Scottish sperm donor/co-parent

by Vanya » 21 Jul 2013

We are a lesbian couple who have been together for almost four years. We are engaged and are getting married in May 2014. We are looking to start a family soon after we are married. We are looking for a sperm donor who is willing to be involved in the child's life to an extent. We are looking for someone who would be happy with seeing the child once every few months and building up a relationship with them. We want the child to know their biological father and to know where they came from, we think this is very important. The donor would have no legal parental responsibilities as we would be the child's parents. Ideally we would like to build a friendship with the donor so we can build trust with them as we will all be involved in the child's life together. We are only looking for sperm donor's from Scotland, as close to Dundee as possible so it is easier for visiting arrangements. So please only get in touch if you live not too far from Dundee. Both myself and my partner have blue eyes so we are looking for a donor with blue eyes as well.

by Asianm » 24 Jul 2013

Hi i am willing to participate . Please get in touch thank you x

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