Looking for NI/AI sperm donation in Kent/London

by hm18900 » 17 Aug 2016

I am looking for someone to donate sperm via NI or AI. I am 26, 5ft 2 and average build. I have blue eyes and brown hair. I would love to be a mother and if you would be willing to help me please get in touch. I live in kent so am ideally looking for someone in the South East / London.

by Kam » 18 Aug 2016

Hi please get in touch. I can help you x

by nev35 » 19 Aug 2016

would you have a mixed race child

by Altfi » 22 Aug 2016

Hi, I am based in London and would be open to having a conversation before deciding what you would like to do

by wimbles » 29 Aug 2016


I live in Surrey and I would be interested in discussing with you what you require.

by swebull » 30 Aug 2016

Hi, i'm a 25 year old sweden based donor, no problem traveling to Kent for NI.
Blue eyes, brown hair, 182 cm average build. have pictures for private exchange.

by yiorgos » 10 Sep 2016

Hi, if your are still looking I'm free.

by gentmike » 10 Sep 2016

Hey, if you're still looking I would love to discuss things further. I'm based in East London, so it appears distance is not an issue. Do get back to me if you're interested. Mikhael

by blueeyedoz » 13 Sep 2016

I'll throw my hat in the ring too...

by admissar » 29 Sep 2016

Hello please get in touch i can help you

by Dandan » 03 Oct 2016

I am in sunny London my self

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