Looking for my future baby daddy

by Baby7932 » 23 Apr 2017

I'm looking for a man to have a baby with. I've been busy
with career and now financially secure and in the right zone to have a little one. Im only interested in men who are prepared to come down the fertility clinic routes only . I've had many men here requesting full on sex but I can't as I struggle to make out with new people instantly. I'm in London and prefer an English man or mixed race african/English men . Let's make babies right now baby daddy xxx

by sirberks » 29 Apr 2017

I am available. You may contact me for further details. Kids are a blessing from God

by Mikael » 29 Apr 2017

I've just read this post and it's struck a cord... fertility clinics fine. Either ways fine with me... feel free to get in touch.

by Baby7932 » 16 May 2017

Hi Mik

I will inbox you shortly . Thanks

by Penco » 17 May 2017

Hey, am available to go down the route of clinical clearance. Hit me up if you are interested. Thanks

by Baby7932 » 20 May 2017

Oh that's great boys! Let's make babies

by Kaiavala » 01 Jun 2017

English 28 years of age and happy to donate if I fit your needs live in London and able to travel if needed message me if u like to no more hun

by Timmy1 » 17 Sep 2017

Heya! I'd be willing if your interested?

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