looking for male who wants contact but not 50/50 coparenting

by Smileg7 » 25 Jun 2019

Hi all,
Female 41, looking for someone who wants to see the child every 2-3 months (consider monthly) but does not want 50/50 co-parenting. Not to be added to birth certificate and no child support to be paid. I am seeking to grow my family - i already have one child nearly 5 in the above arrangement which works well.

i run a business from home so childcare is no problem. AI preferred, travel difficult for me. Based in Peterborough.

Can anyone help?

by Axton » 25 Jun 2019

I'm near Cambridge, looking for a coparent myself.

English, 6ft, blue eyes, brown hair, keep in shape.

Would you like to chat?

by Paulbat » 26 Jun 2019

This sounds like an ideal arrangement and AI is fine by me

by Joejoe90 » 01 Jul 2019

Hi I am very genuinely interested to help
I am down to earth and bubbly.

Nottingham based

Have one son so not looking to personally have anymore kids but would like to help 1 or 2 people

Kind regards Joe

by Bayobayo » 02 Jul 2019

Check my profile I am intrested

by Graham40 » 28 Jul 2019

Let me know if you’re still looking. I’m new to this and picky (as would any parent to be be). A bit of me thinks “of you want that girls genes (and vice versa) then why would you not naturally impregnate but I realise there’s much more to it than that. I’m open minded but up for a fair arrangement

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