Looking for male coparent in the UK

by Shuvvy » 04 Dec 2018

Hi there,

I am a 41 year old female looking for a coparent in the London area. I own my own flat, have a good job and network....and really want to be a mother. I just want to meet someone who is nice and normal and is willing to be involved in the child's life and contribute financially. AI only.



by Cyberman » 06 Dec 2018

Look no further willing to help likewise

by Mzee » 06 Dec 2018

Hello there! Looks like your wait is over.

by kazla » 07 Dec 2018

I am much interested and will be happy to achieve the dream together
Contact me if you still available

by Lee80 » 30 Jan 2019

Hi siobhan ,
If you are still looking to genuinely coparent and wish to talk further please drop me a message.

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