Looking for 'known' sperm donor in Wolverhampton

by EmnNat » 24 Dec 2017

We’re a lesbian couple looking for a genuine, committed donor to help us complete our family.

We already have a beautiful 18 month old daughter with another known donor and so we are aware of some of the issues that having a 'known donor' agreement can have (from all parties involved), but we also know how some of these issues can be rectified / worked around.

We want what is best for the child- so we would like them to be aware of who their biological dad is, and ideally we'd like the donor to have an 'uncle' sort of relationship with them.

We would ideally like a 3/4 year age gap between the children, but since we'd like the child to have a relationship with their biological dad, we would like to get the chance to know our donor well prior to insemination.

I (Emma) work full time, and my partner works part time. I work flexible hours and so we share the childcare responsibilities equally. We have an amazing and supportive family around us who are very important to us and to our daughter.

We are already in a civil partnership but we will be converting the partnership to a marriage next year. We have been together for 6 years but we have known each other for about 12 years.

Due to the regular contact we'd like the donor to have with the child, realistically it would make sense if you live or work locally. We are happy to use a donor from wider afield but would want to ensure this wouldn't put the relationship between the biological dad and the child under any extra pressure.

We are happy to pay for all expenses incurred for the donation.

We are ideally looking for a caucasian male. Our number one priority is that we get along with you as a person and we have similar interests.

Please drop us a message if you think you could be a match.

No natural insemination offers please- don't want things getting awkward!

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