looking for gay or straight male to co-parent with.

by Vicrose » 18 Nov 2011

Hi, My names Vicky and I would like to become a mother. I feel like its something I am mean't to do and I have started feeling a strong Maternal need.

At the moment I am in tenerife I will be here for a year, learning spanish and looking after two boys one with learning diffucilties.

When I return to england I would really love to bring a child of mine into the world. I have not been in a relationship for the last few years If so this would be something I would discuss with my partner.
I am at a stage where I dont want to wait and see being 27 now I would love to see my child grow up. This is something I have been thinking about for a long time and I would like to seriously talk to a gay or staight man who is thinking along the same lines over this year while Im away and hopefully to have made a decision when I return to england.
Thank you for reading.

Please reply here as I am not allowd to read messages, My profile is Vicrose.

Thanks Vicky

by daddy36 » 29 Jan 2012

hey there,
have read your ad and wanted to know more about u. This is daddy36 , I am a non smoker healty caucasian Turkish gay male. I live and work in Istanbul / Turkey. I have lived in NY for two years and I am ready to re-locate to any where in USA. I want to have and raise kid/kids. I am finacially secure. If u r interested to be a surrogate or co-parent with the right guy pls do not hesitate to contact me

by sperm » 08 Mar 2012


I'm interested in talking to you about becoming a co-parent with you. I'm 26 and got a steady job with decent income. If you're interested then let me know. Thanks.

by keatonl » 02 Apr 2012

hey, my names keaton. im 23 and also looking to co-parent a baby. after previously losing one baby and always wanting a kid i have alot of love to offer and would love to talk more about this. thanks

by Raiv » 16 May 2012

I am in a similar situation to Vicrose. I am 27, not in a relationship and looking for a daddy figure, ideally close-by to co-parent. Can't send or recieve messages, so message board response is best.
I would prefer a man around my age, I would like to become friends with him for the baby's sake, and share the responsibility, nappy changes and school plays. In my ideal world he would agree to 1-2 children (I would prefer my kids to all share the same father) but not have any children already (I know this is unlikely).
I have a strong support network of friends who have children, live in a house with a garden and own a very spoilt cat. Let me know if you're interested :)

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