Looking for a father wishing to coparent

by nibel » 09 Feb 2014

Hi, I'm a single heterosexual female aged 40 looking for a co-parent. I am financially stable and work in London.
I am Mexican and I came to live in the UK in 1996, to study maths (up to PhD level), and then to work in the financial industry.
I have had my share of long term relationships but after the last one decided it wasn't for me. I am now ready to have a child, and would prefer for the child to know his/her father.
I'm happy to discuss any level of involvement from light to frequent, contact and/or financial help.
Please email me to chat

by tessek2 » 28 Mar 2014

Hi would you like to discuss this further with me, I'm interested

by Brumguy » 09 May 2014

Hi Nibel,

This sounds very interesting, am a Londoner currently living in the Midlands, 41'
Brumguy. Look forward to hearing from you


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