Looking for donor, travel nessasary! Please read!

by Marie220 » 22 Mar 2019

Hello! Thank you for reading my post,

I am a single Christian mother by choice with a very happy and stable home living in the channel Islands, hence why donor must be able to travel, we enjoy alit of quality time together and child will have a very comfortable upbringing.

I hope to finally achieve the dream of a baby to complete my beautiful little family.

Donor must be proven, healthy, able to travel.
In exchange all costs if travel and accommodation will be covered and compensation will be given for service.
No co parenting situations, no contact will take place post confirmed pregnancy.

Thank you

by Andrew79 » 30 Mar 2019


Hopefully I can help if I’m what you are looking for as a donor.

Let me know if you have any questions

by munster » 13 Apr 2019

if u still looking i help

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