Looking for donor to help us on our quest to become parents

by Portsm15 » 05 Oct 2018

We are a same sex married couple, married for 3 years and looking for someone to help us on our quest to become parents. We have been trying for 12 months now, with the first 6 using frozen shipped sperm and the last 6 month's using a sperm donor. Due to other commitments and logistics this is no longer working so we are looking for a new donor who is not too far from us and willing to stick it out with us until we get a positive. Ideally we would be looking for a dark Caucasian donor light/dark brown hair with green or brown eyes. No other preference other than kind and willing to commit to us for however long it may take.
Thank you reading and we look forward to hearing from someone

by Grizzly1 » 05 Oct 2018

where abouts are you?

by getnaked » 05 Oct 2018

I will help you until pregnant ! Conmitment

by getnaked » 06 Oct 2018

Hello there, sorry to see no joy however I will stay until your are pregnant ! That’s a promise! Contact me to chat more

by Chris341 » 07 Oct 2018

Hello, would be happy to help you :)

by Grizzly1 » 07 Oct 2018

where abouts are you?

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