looking for donor in SCOTLAND

by soph100 » 12 Feb 2014

I am a mature 24 year old woman who loves children; i work with them and even do free babysitting outside of work. I have my own brand new 2 bedroom place and i long to complete my life with a child of my own. I havent found the right man to have one with and after a few difficult relationships i find it very difficult to trust men so i have given up on relationships for now to focus on finding a suitable donor in Scotland or who is willing to travel to scotland and who can help me achieve my dream of having a baby as that is what is most important to me. I will only accept AI but if ur interested please reply.

by big_yin » 03 Apr 2014

32 yr old male willing to help. AI only but would help asuch as needed until your pregnant.

by BigD » 20 Jun 2014

Hi, can I help?

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