Looking for donor in surrey area

by sianyrou » 22 Jan 2020

I am looking for a donor in the surrey area, preferably Reigate, guildford, epsom, kent but further if you are willing to travel.

I am 36 and healthy and want someone who is equally healthy. I only do Artificial insemination and would need to see updated STI check and make sure you have no hereditary diseases. Plus is the donor willing to try again if the first attempt fails.

Insemination would be done in a hotel and if the donor wants to stay then we can discuss that. Feel free to ask any questions.

by Eaa » 24 Jan 2020

Hello Yes indeed I'm interested in donating to help you achieve your dream...I have replied to your profile...

by Eaa » 24 Jan 2020

Sent you a message..

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