Looking for an AI donor in East Midlands

by LHS » 21 May 2014

We're Laura and Hanna and we are looking for a Caucasian AI donor to help us to conceive a child. We're looking for someone who will want no contact afterwards with the child and who can travel to us.
We live in Leicestershire and may require our donor to come to us at shortish notice or later on at night due to my wife's shift work so someone quite close to us would be good and we're looking to start TTC as soon as possible.
If anyone feels they can help us please message us and let us know, thank you.
Laura and Hanna.

by life4 » 09 Jun 2014

Hello Laura and Hanna,

I live in West Midlands and would be more than willing to travel and help you start a family if you haven't already found someone and would consider me. Although this would be my first time donating (haven't the slightest clue about AI) so I wouldn't know where to start so you would have to guide me :)

by Awain75 » 14 Oct 2014

Hi ladies, if you like to chat more feel free to message
Thank you

by CJT51 » 31 Oct 2014

Hello Ladies, I live Nr J24 M1 and can be available at short notice, please get in touch if I can help

by GOLD24 » 08 Jan 2015

Sperm Doner available in Cheltencham
I have helped for single business women .
NI Or AI No contact or updates

Blood group O+
I'm Married
I have two children.
Boy 13 blond hair ,green eyes
Girl 7 blond hair ,blue eyes
My Hair Colour Blond
My eyes Colour Blue
My Height 6'2"- 187
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Religion Christian
Smoker None
Drinker Social

by NottsMan » 17 Nov 2015

I would be more than happy to help, in East Midlands.

by Carlanaomi » 17 Feb 2016

Hi me and my fiancee are looking for ai donor we are living nere Manchester area both work full time live togeother and have a lil boy all ready want to complete are family Unit and have a baby togeother we have been looking for a donor for over a year now keep being let down and messed about if anyone could help us please contact me on my email address ***@live.co.uk thanks

by PeterG » 29 Feb 2016

HI.......you now,....I'm happy and enjoy my life....;)))

by Keesh88 » 01 Mar 2016

Hi, me and my partner are lookin for a mixed raced donor via AI in the East Midlands area if anyone could help it would be much appreciated

by Craigy72 » 06 Apr 2016

Hi I am interested and come to you at short notice if required let me know if you are interested


by neo22 » 24 Feb 2017

Happy to help
Any questions about it drop me email please

by Leo32 » 05 Mar 2017


I am in the West Midlands so can meet your 'short notice' needs as I can travel easily to Leicestershire.

Well educated (B.Sc., MSc., Ph.D. achieved) working in professional role aimed at caring for the community.

I have one son conceived relatively recently.

Let me know through a return message.

Have a good weekend.

Kind Regards,

by nupur78 » 26 Jul 2017

hi craigy
i am hana. originaly Asian. interested about u if u r happy to help me. may i know bit more about u.

by Sofiee » 21 Aug 2017

Lesbian couples looking for black handsome male please contact me asap, my partner and I are excited to start a family.

by Liam6823 » 31 Aug 2017

Hello Both :) I'm Liam, a genuine 28yrold single male, 5ft 10 black hair blue eyes, olive tanned skin.(Spanish looking)
A professional well educated, very athletic muscular gym goer who loves a range of martial arts such as kickboxing, judo, and swimming.

Does not drink or smoke and no past family history of illnesses or diseases, no allergies and free from any prescribed or illegal medicine or drugs.
Has an 8-year-old daughter, very healthy and intelligent

Can provide proof of STI screening certificate.
Willing to travel across the UK (Own Transport)

Thanks for reading.

by Doncrip » 25 Jun 2018

I am real and I am proud to be studying a second law degree at University atm and I am proud to have a good bloodline

by Mattson » 16 Jul 2018

I can help NI method

by Tamzin30 » 10 Aug 2018

Hi, me and my partner are lookin for a mixed raced donor via AI in the East Midlands area if anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

by Tamzin30 » 10 Aug 2018

Hi, me and my partner are lookin for a mixed raced donor via AI in the East Midlands area if anyone could help it would be much appreciated but would like no further contact with the child.

by Onlinetree » 01 Dec 2018

I'm Danish and would be happy to help you out. Please let me know.

I have blue eyes.

by SarahK » 12 Feb 2019

Laura and Hanna,

were you successful? Any advice? I've just joined tonight and come across your posts and so wondered how it went and any advice?


by Zeddy66 » 13 Mar 2019

I'm a Indian male...afro dark skin. Slim facual features. I'm STD free. I have no other major illnesses. I'm 5ft7 and 60kg.

I'm willing and happy to donate using AI as I have 2 beautiful healthy children of my own and therefore would like to give someone happiness like what I have received.

I live in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Please feel free to contact me via this site if your interested.

Best wishes


by kitch » 09 Jan 2020

I would like to be considerd to be a sperm donor I would like to discuss regards Ian

by kitch » 10 Jan 2020

I'm from Lincs quite willing to travel if I can help out starting a family

by AngeloD » 05 Feb 2020

I’m 60 miles away Scunthorpe


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