looking for a donor can't conceive the natural way

by lisaw12 » 01 Jun 2013

Hi, I am Lisa, me and my partner are looking for a sperm donor. I have a son from a previous relationship. We are looking for a donor to complete our family. We have lots of love to give another child and want this miracle baby so much. We can't conceive the natural way as we are lesbians so we would be really happy if we could get a sperm donor of someone. This is such a big thing to ask of anybody but this would complete our family and you would be doing an amazing thing. If you think you could help us please look at my profile and get in touch. Thankyou

by Rob92 » 23 Jun 2013

hey i would love to help you out, you sound like great people. please check my profile and post here if interested?

by rena » 02 Jul 2013

This site is great

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