Looking for co-parent father in Birmingham

by Jesso90 » 20 Sep 2016

Hello all, I am a straight 26 year old woman who is looking to become a mother. I am looking for a man in Birmingham to co-parent with. I am an easy going, caring woman. I have completed my education to a college/uni level. I have a disability (not inherited) which means I can't be a full-time single mom or work. Details of the disability can be requested if asked. I'm looking for my child to live with their dad and I see them 2-3 days per week which would be manageable. I would also consider open adoption, 3 good people bringing up a child. Many thanks for reading.

by s1t9e89 » 22 Sep 2016

Hi I've messaged you

by ibb » 03 Oct 2016

hi there I would like to be a father of your child and I'm financially able to help.

by Benny087 » 20 Oct 2016

Yes, I can. I want to be a co-parent for our son or daughter. I live near to you. Would be prepared to see our child 2 or 3 days per week and help out financially. I am, I'm told, a warm, caring and generous man.

by wealthuk » 04 Dec 2016

HI Jesso

I am from Biringham too and love to discuss the possibility of assiatingyou become a mother and Ilike us to chat to plan it.
with due respect
your truly ali

by M45H441 » 10 Dec 2016

Hi I would like to help you and give you the delight of having a baby and I would also help you father it if interested please get back to me

by Biggem8 » 16 Dec 2016

Hi I am interested in fathering you baby. Live in Plymouth also have accommodation and supportive family in Birmingham. Have worked with children and young people most of my life. Really wanting to start a family now.

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