Looking for Birmingham based Sperm Donor.

by Jem1905 » 01 Feb 2015

Hi all! We are a married lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor in the Birmingham area.

We would prefer a Caucasian gentleman who was at least blonde in younger years as we both was. Unfortunately we have been let down by our previous donor after just a few cycles so we are back to the drawing board. STI test is required and ideally we would like to see recent tests in regards to mobility and quality of the sperm too. ( no point wasting both parties time after all).

All travel expenses will be paid and on donation days we will ensure that we leave the day open so donor can donate at a time that suits him most.

We have our family home, the many family pets.. We are just missing the crucial bit of the family our dream baby. Please if you feel you can help us in any way get in touch so we can get this ball rolling.

Thanks in advance.
Jess & Emma

by cosmos » 01 Mar 2015

Hello can I be of help?
kind regards Rob

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