looking for an altruistic sperm donor

by skytv » 19 Mar 2015

I am looking for an altruistic sperm donor, preferably with medical screening for any transmittable diseases, who would generously help my infertile husband and I conceive. I am not looking for a person who would like further involvement after I conceive. I understand if this presents a problem but we would like to raise a child, borne from the kindness of another, to be raised as our own. I am a fit and healthy young woman with a background in childcare and have a DBS (CRB). We would lovingly raise a child which would be a gift. I MAY consider NI because of better success rates, but the health check would be a must. Please take a look at my profile as soon as it is approved. I have uploaded one photo but to remain anonymous have cropped my face from it. Am happy to send full picture if you are kind enough to help. Can travel within 70 or so miles if there is accomodation or I could book a hotel near you or near me at my own expense if you prefer to travel to me. My husband would be in attendance for my own security but if we go down the NI route he would not be in the room as we are not looking for 'fun', only the hope of me conceiving. Many thanks in advance.

by Melvo » 31 Mar 2015

I would be interested in helping. I'm unable to view your profile for some reason but if you respond to this post then we could perhaps exchange information.

Take care


by nyorks » 02 Apr 2015

Hello Skytv

I can help you. I do NI only and only after a full health screen.

My suggestion would be we meet, have the STI tests and then on the all clear we can have sex at a hotel.

You can email me at ***@outlook.com and I will send pictures and my mobile number

by Phils35 » 03 Apr 2015

Good afternoon

If you are still searching please message me , thanks phil

by barny » 02 May 2015

hi,i have read your profile,i am a nice,caring,respectable businessman,42,clean & healthy,you are right about ni being more successful than ai,on the whole,some couples do achieve their goal through ai,but many it can take years,or at least many months,i would be more than happy to take any sexual tests,or any health screening tests for you both,then i would be happy for either i can travel to you,or you can travel to me,we can then make a start after booking the hotel room,we can then make love for as many times as you feel you need to,the sperm goes much deeper in to the Vagina through ni,ai,it is not as deep,as their is no penetration process,we can meet up until you get pregnant,then i will leave you & your husband to bring up the child,i am very genuine & sincere & i would be very happy to have given you what you most desire,a healthy baby, i am fine with your husband being their,but as you said not in the room where we would be making the baby,look forward to hearing from you,Julian.

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