by Chezc18 » 05 Nov 2018

Hi, me and my partner are looking for a FREE sperm donor for A.I. ONLY!
We are based in the west midlands area, Looking for a caucision male preferably with blue eyes and blonde hair but doesn't matter if you havnt. Also want someone that have regular tests and does not want any sort of contact once baby is born. Pm me please x and would love to hear from anyone who thinks they may be able to help..

by Happy71 » 05 Nov 2018

Hi I'm in Derbyshire. Brown hair with blue eyes. I don't want co-parenting and A I. is good with me. Read my profile and if you're happy then contact me.

by KYDAD » 06 Nov 2018

Where is West Midlands? What state?

by Chezc18 » 07 Nov 2018

it is uk

by Chezc18 » 07 Nov 2018

hi, i have had a look at your profile. i will be considering your offer.

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