Looking for AI in South Wales

by trisha2015 » 17 Sep 2016

Hi, I'm Patricia 33 years of age. I'm single and would love to be a mum as after a long time I've still not found the one to settle down. I'm looking for healthy donors up to ages of 40 years. Must be within 30 miles of Caerphilly as my travel to sperm donors is limited to certain days I have off from work.

Thank you :)

by Deanwal » 11 Oct 2016

Hi Patricia

Id love to help, I'm in Swansea but willing to travel.

I'm 30 and have been successful in the past,


by trisha2015 » 11 Nov 2016

I'm interested in chatting more with you, please reply back to me.


by Rhondda1 » 17 Nov 2016

Hi there. I am from aberdare and can travel. Please read my profile

by trisha2015 » 18 Nov 2016

I've replied to your post on the forum, I can't seem to find your profile as the user name search of Rhondda1 Would like to get in contact with you


by trisha2015 » 20 Nov 2016

Hi, I have replied to this post for 4th time and it is't getting posted up. So annoyed with this website not posting up my replies, Rhondda1 I couldn't find your profile. I would like to chat with you some more please.


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