Looking for AI donor

by Shauna » 04 May 2017

I'm looking for a sperm donor for me and my partner. We've been together for 7 year's, lived together for 6 and engaged for 1 year. We are very much in love and happy together. I work part time and my partner works full time we are financially stable. We have a close family with brother's, sister's, niece's and nephew's of all age's who we see regularly and love an adore very much but it's not the same as having are own child who we can love and raise together. It's been are dream for a long time now it would complete are family and we feel now is the right time to try and make are dream come true. If you feel like you would be able to help or just want to ask a question please feel free to contact us we look forward to hearing from you

by Danny83 » 06 May 2017

I am happy to help, please contact me

by peteek » 04 Jun 2017

I think I could help...Pls contact

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