Looking for AI donor in North West.

by CarolK93 » 22 Nov 2019

Me and my wife are looking for a Caucasian AI donor in northwest. We are based in Preston, Lancashire and we are happy to cover travel costs. More details of me and my family on my profile:).

by Torical9 » 25 Nov 2019

I would love to help you both in getting your little

by Criskool » 14 Dec 2019

Always interested to her someone will pay travel costs for me to donate. I very interested. I'd love to meet you for a formal chat sometime maybe in a coffee sometime, and see if we can take each others plans somewhere. I think I need to hear what you have to say.

by Criskool » 14 Dec 2019

By the way Preston sounds like a particularly lovely place Id like to come and visit. Bye.

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