Looking for AI donor in Dorset, Hampshire or London area.

by Marta80 » 02 Dec 2019


We are a married lesbian couple looking for an AI sperm donor in the UK. her.

If you willing to help us, please send us an email with some information about yourself. We are looking for someone who is similar to us at some points: easy-going, optimistic, and happy, with hobbies in good health condition, no family diseases, educated with a degree, no drugs, no smoking.

Artificial insemination only. Sorry but no co-parenting. We are looking for a genuine person who would like to help us to have a family. Unfortunately, we don't wish any kind of parenting involvement from the donor.


by samkh » 17 Dec 2019

Yes i would help. I am based in London too. Let me know if you still need it.
Kind Regards

by Henry12 » 23 Dec 2019

Hi how are you guys doing ? With God we can make it work for you guy let me if you want

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