Looking for a sperm donor

by Megan007 » 13 Aug 2020

Hi, me and my girlfriend are looking to start a family in the near future and would love to get to know a sperm donor that would be willing to help us make our dream of having children come true, if you think you could help please get in touch! :)
Thankyou x

by LONDON47 » 14 Aug 2020

hello, like to help, iam in enfield

by Wolfharp » 14 Aug 2020

Hey willing to help and i prefer Ai

by sport728 » 15 Aug 2020

Hello Megan,

Would like to discuss your needs further

See if l can help.


by Meggy77 » 15 Aug 2020

Hello. Sorry new to this page. Are you in a position to donate any of your eggs in return for an altruistic sperm donation?

by SR40 » 16 Aug 2020

I would be happy to discuss
Feel free to connect

by R0B34N » 16 Aug 2020

Hi, sorry to jump on this post. Struggling to figure this site out.
I am too looking for sperm donor/ possibly coparent.
I live in derby, i am 28 and a single mum to an 8 year old. I have had 4 miss carriages after my son. I had a few relationships but none of them have worked. So i decided to go it alone, i have been on the fence about it for few years, mainly cause yhe emotions and losses.
My family is fully supportive of this (which surprised me) and my son has wanted a sibling for years but i cannot just make one on my own. And the age gap is getting bigger.

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