Looking for a sperm donor

by Ladette1 » 05 Apr 2020

Hi all

I’m seeking a sperm donor to allow me to have another for my 4 yr old girl. I do really want a baby also not just for that reason for my girl.

I am in a relationship. However, my partner of 1 year and a half has ED Erection Disfunction. He has no morning wood, we’ve not been able to do the deed even during our relationship which I have found difficult but live with but accept.

I’m 35 and would like another before I reach 37 as I’ve always said that’s my limit for children (just my preference)

I’m looking for a male who’s ideally brunette/brown hair colour with either blue or green eyes.

Do you fit what I’m looking for? If you think you fit the type and can help please get in touch.

Happy hunting

by Life4U » 12 Apr 2020

Whereabouts you located?

by Andover » 21 Apr 2020


Where abouts are you?

Thomas x

by Utile » 09 May 2020

Hi there!

I live in Falmouth, and am prepared to travel.

Ex-teacher, working with difficult children for 30 years.

All my brood have left, but keen to have more.

I may seem old, but I am very fit (raced for GB a couple of years ago) and am still very broody for more children. I own my own place and am still professional.

Keen to Co parent, but willing to accept a godfather role.

Keep well, in these times,

by Smarty17 » 10 May 2020

Hi give me a shout if I can help , I have blue eyes .

by Rick20 » 12 May 2020

Brown hair, green eyes and really good stock.

Happy to help you are yours

by BBAD2020 » 24 May 2020

There are other option's available even with ED, have you tried those?

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