by 3cana » 24 Apr 2010


I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and have gone through one round of I.U.I and I.V.F (became pregnant with twins). Then, lost the twins at 8 weeks due to what is called an unhealthy pregnancy, slow growth and no fetal heart beats found at the time of Ultrasound.

Needless to say, I would like to give this a least one or possibly two more try's to see what will happen. As my age and my health will be become factors, in what one tends to call, the whole ball game. Timing is of the essence and I will need to strike while the irons are hot and ready - no pun intended of course.

Which means, I am still desperately seeking a donor for my dreams to come true and the family's dreams too
- will you help us ?

Please read my profile below and see what you think. We can connect via email, once we become further acquainted.


I am a lesbian who is legally married and wanting to expand our family. We presently live in Windsor, Ontario, have one child and would love to provide them with a sibling or maybe even two.

We are looking for a private donor & one would be required after May 1st. One should be interested in helping by donating for I.U.I. and / or I.V.F. purposes. Which means we are looking for a Private Donation only without any co-parenting or otherwise after-wards. Although, we would do all the necessary standard health checks and paperwork that would be required.

Thank you and have a great day !

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