Looking for a sperm donor near Newcastle, UK

by KandSG » 21 May 2018

My wife and are a ready for a baby, we have been for a long time.
We don't have the funds for IVF saved but if need be we could arrange this but we wanted to try donation a bit before we commit to purchasing help.
We both feel that the money spent on IVF could be saved and kept to spend on the child when here with us.

Please contact us if you are interested, we are available over FB or email... ***@yahoo.co.uk


by Laz » 24 May 2018


Are you still looking for a donor ?

by john999 » 26 May 2018

Hi, are you still looking for a donor

by Cromie » 30 May 2018

I would be happy to help.
Let me know if you are still looking and / or have any questions.


by Spermguy » 04 Jun 2018

Hi how are you both doing ?
I would gladly help you both get pregnant
Just send me a message

by Spermguy » 06 Jun 2018

Hi again I live near you at Whitley bay so not to far away from each other
I would gladly help you get pregnant
Hopefully we can do it naturally
Please let me know either way

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