Looking for a sperm donor. Intelligent and fit/healthy.

by izzyid » 18 Sep 2019

Hey. I am looking for a sperm donor who is intelligent and fit/healthy.
I would like to have a child who is beautiful inside and outside. I am sporty, intelligent and take care of myself. Looking for someone similar to donate or potentially coparent with.

by Peter82 » 21 Sep 2019

Hi I am interested I go to the gym and intelligent let’s chat and see where we go from there am interested in being a co parent

by Eksdee » 21 Sep 2019

Sounds great, would love to chat further and see where things go.

by Criskool » 25 Sep 2019

I may be your sort of thing, what else are you looking for?

by Criskool » 25 Sep 2019

I am very interested in this. I would definitely like to give you some help. I'm 32 and a student, can we chat?

by ManNi31 » 25 Sep 2019

Can you pm me? I’m new to this or anywhere else to chat

I’ve a professional job, play sports quite intelligent

Sperm donor only

by Char9429 » 26 Sep 2019

Hi looking for a sperm donor for same sex couple. No co parenting or contact if anyone would like.to chat message me will chat further

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