Looking for a sperm donor in Hants, Berks or Surrey

by Stephanie3 » 15 Nov 2009

We are a married couple who have a beautiful 11yr old son and would like to complete our family with another baby. My husband had a vasectomy when my son was 2yrs old because as the time I had a brain tumour and couldn't afford to get pregnant and I wasn't allowed to use any form of hormone contraception and we had 2 occasions where the condom was not affective (putting it bluntly, we've had problems where it would come off) and I had to have the morning after pill because we could not risk any baby being affected by the medication used to treat my brain tumour. I always wanted to have another child, but didn't think it was a possibility; but we really want to try to conceive before I am 40 (I am 37yrs now).

I am a wheelchair athlete at National level and have got my classification for selection on to the GB squad, so I am very active whilst disabled. I am in a wheelchair through medical negligence from spinal surgery, so I am not passing on any spine complications. I really really would like to live my dream and give my son a brother or sister as I know he will make a great big brother and I get to enjoy all the stages starting from pregnancy right through to adulthood again with another child.

We are looking purely for a sperm donor AI and not co parenting. If you think you can help, please do get back to me; I have loved every single minute of being a mum so far and I really ache to have another child and have my dream family...we're pretty much there already, but the icing on the cake is a sibling for my son. My disability has only ever brought a positive influence to our family life, so please do not be put off by thinking that the child would be born in to an unfair situation.

Thank you,

Stephanie :)

by John22 » 29 Nov 2009

Hi I am a sperm donor based in Oxford.
I donated to Oxford Fertility Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital for 6 months producing 200 straws for assisted conception.
I then went on to donate sperm privately and have helped 3 couples conceive. They got pregnant after 1,2,6 months respectively.
I had a GUM clinic examination and was STD tested on the 9th October 2009.
I am willing to travel to donate.
I wish to remain totally anonymous as a sperm donor, and do not wish to have any contact with the child.
I am 32 years old; single, English, professional, graduate, 5 feet 10" tall, brown hair, blue grey eyes.

Thank you,

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