Looking for a sperm donor around south west area

by cmizen95 » 03 Apr 2020

Me and my partner are looking for NI sprem donor around the south west area. Welling to travel and meet up. If you have any further questions then please do ask

by JimM83 » 06 Apr 2020

If you pm me would be open to discussion

by steveex » 08 Apr 2020

I am in the SW, would love to help

by Davidst » 11 Apr 2020

Hi there very willing to help

by Utile » 09 May 2020

Hi there!

I live in Falmouth, and am prepared to travel.

Ex-teacher, working with difficult children for 30 years.

All my brood have left, but keen to have more.

I may seem old, but I am very fit (raced for GB a couple of years ago) and am still very broody for more children. I own my own place and am still professional.

Keen to Co parent, but willing to accept a godfather role.

Keep well, in these times,

by Martin7A » 15 May 2020

Hi do you know you will need to try 2 to 3 times each month when you are ovulating and this could take a few months before you get pregnant ?
is it NI you want or AI I did read your profile where you ask for AI let me know I maybe able to help you, like i have helped 5 women to get pregnant in the last 18 months

by Plym35 » 24 May 2020

I’m based in Plymouth and am available to help.

Please contact me if you’re interested.

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