Looking for a Sperm Donor -AI only

by Scottish79 » 10 Jul 2017

Thank you for reading this.

I am looking for a sperm donor, artificial insemination only (meaning NO sexual contact) to fulfil my longstanding dream to become a Mother. My friends say that any child of mine would be an honour to be a child of mine as i would make a great Mother as I have a lot to give. When I was 17, i was raped by someone I knew who got me pregnant twice, i was forced to abort the 1st pregnancy and the 2nd ended in a miscarriage as I was pushed down the stair. I am 38 1/2 now. Since then, I have been desperate to be a Mum and finally have what was cruelly taken from me when I was younger.

However, I have severe eczema and on tablets to control it as it's that severe. My Consultant wants me to try certain treatments but I am refusing as it will potentially prevent me from having children biologically which is not something that i or any woman really wants to hear as having a child of mine is something that i have ALWAYS wanted. A new injection is due to come over here next year to completely clear my skin problem up so i am hoping that i will achieve a pregnancy by then.

Until then, I am treated with tablets and the one that I am currently on, has been approved as safe (my medication has been checked and triple checked by the Obstetrician who specialises in prenatal care unlike all the others but all I need now is to become a Mummy and i am so desperate to become a Mother. I am currently refusing the harsher treatment whilst I await the injection as indicated above which is frustrating my Specialists but at the end of the day, it is my choice, my body and my wish to become a Mother before time runs out for me by the dreaded menopause. I have have a great support network also.

I am a Professional but I am going to do a Masters and retrain as I want to be a School Teacher so that I can have a better quality of life financially for myself and give any children that I have the great life that they deserve. I will have a stable job for life once I retrain.

If your willing to be a sperm donor to help me realise my dream and are sympathetic to my condition of having eczema, i am healthy otherwise, i just have troublesome eczema then please DO contact me. Unfortunately, I am not currently a member so you will have to forward me a number. I live in Manchester so you would have to either live here, nearby or be willing to meet/travel. I hope that you won't see this post as a hindrance as it is not. Any woman (or man) can have a medical condition and be on medical treatment, mine is eczema


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